Jet fuel supply in New Zealand rose to a high of 3.3mn barrels (37,00 b/d) in January-March on the back of strong demand from the airline industry, government data shows. Supply which includes imports and production, had never previously exceeded 3mn barrels in any quarter. Imports rose to a near 31 year high of 876,000 barrels (9,600 b/d) during the quarter, after exceeding 700,00 barrels in April/June 2004. Jan-March 2017 imports were up by 57 pc on Oct-Dec 2016 and more than 4 times higher than a year earlier. The government attributed the surge of supply to the strong demand from the airline industry.

International flights usage rose to a record high of 27,000 b/d, an 18.5 pc increase from a year earlier. Domestic flights used just over 7,000 b/d, up 18 pc from Jan-March 206 to a 6 year high.