Ultra-Sulphur Diesel (ULSD 10ppm) is a low sulphur diesel and widely used. The fuel goes through a refining process where sulphur is removed up to a figure of 10 parts per million (ppm) or less. 10ppm is especially suitable for engines to meet the latest European emission standards. Soot is the main culprit of diesel engines’; the noxious black exhaust fumes are the main contributor to air pollution and ULSD was developed to combat the scenario.

As of 2016, almost all the petroleum based diesel used in the UK, Europe and North America is of ULSD type. Diesel fuel for on road use is commonly known as DERV (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle). ULSD fuel is fully compatible with 2006 and earlier diesel engines. The fuel performs as well as previous diesel fuels in normal operating conditions.

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The company has emerged as a strategic partner in the physical and electronic trading of energy products. Objectives of the company are to identify worldwide low-priced flows of product, liaise with our counterparts and transport by the most appropriate and cost effective method.

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